AqMB Prophet™

A revolutionary forecasting software which predicts water quality and equipment performance, based on real-time plant data updates to a preconfigured model of an existing water treatment plant.

Screenshot of Prophet™

AqMB Prophet™ is seamlessly integrated into pre-existing SCADA systems. By using the AqMB Designer™ web user interface, calibrated forecasting is easily achievable through custom configured model flow sheets.

AqMB Prophet™ is for:

  • operators of existing treatment plants
  • the process consultants supporting these operations

Why Choose Prophet™?

Automated Updates

Real-time model updates to changes in feed quality, flow and temperature, as well as equipment related variables including changing pressures and conductivities

Better Performance

Anticipate equipment performance decline through: scaling, oxidation, fouling, poor feed water quality, high flux, high solids, low flow, low velocity, etc.

Lower Process Risk

Identify potential errors before they happen, to preserve equipment

Lower Operating Cost

Save money by automatically taking preventative action through SCADA, or adjusting equipment parameters manually on the basis of the insights provided

Stay Compliant

Easily forecast water quality ‘red flags’ or potential exceedances using an intuitive interface

Export Data

Easily create Plant Performance Reports by exporting model results into a variety of common formats